Learning RxQ 1.0

Great news! RxQ 1.0 has officially been released. It comes with many improvements and lots of gooey documentation and examples to help people get going on making reactive Qlik apps.

However, documentation will only get you so far. In reality, these examples won’t teach you how to approach Qlik reactively, nor what to do when your code just won’t do what you want it to do. That’s why in honor of this new release, I am launching two new live streaming “courses” that will walkthrough RxQ usage in detail. The courses are:

  1. RxQ Recipes Explained – in this series of videos, I will walk through the new RxQ docs and then re-code the recipes one by one, explaining the how and why behind them along the way
  2. Building a Reactive Listbox – this series will start from a blank project and build out a fully functional listbox on par with the out of box Qlik Sense object, explaining Qlik Engine API and RxJS concepts along the way

These courses will be covered in sequence and will be live streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/kinisi. Follow along there for updates on live stream times. Videos will be archived on my YouTube channel.

Looking forward to learning with you!


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